Councilwoman At-Large Terry LaBruno (2005-2009)

City Wide Representative

Councilwoman At-Large Terry LaBruno

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Hoboken Politics - Councilwoman Stands Her Ground

(left to right) Council members Terry LaBruno, Peter Cunningham, and Dawn Zimmer sit and watch as a crowd of cab drivers in the back of the room gets angry. The council decided to permit more cabs in town, and make it easier for drivers to lose their cab licenses.

In the knock down, drag out world of Hoboken Politics, nothing beats the free entertainment courtesy of the City of Hoboken.  The February 6, 2008 City Council Meeting was no exception when over 200 spectators packed the meeting with another large group lingering outside in the hallway.   A local newspaper, Hoboken Reporter, reported that a "majority of the audience was comprised of Hoboken taxicab drivers, owners, and supporters, who showed up to protest an ordinance that would allow the city to auction off seven more medallions, bringing the total number of taxis allowed in Hoboken to 65. This would increase the competition."  Although fares would be increased from $4 to $5, changes in the law would now allow for the suspension of a Hoboken taxi drivers permit if the driver accumulated 4 points on his state issued drivers license.