New Jersey Election Law Commission

ELEC filings foment spat between two Hoboken council members

The day after Councilwoman Beth Mason called for Councilman Ravi Bhalla to resign for pay-to-play violations, Bhalla struck back with a claim that Mason committed more severe violations of state election commission laws.

A review of records filed by Mason with the Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC) show that Mason paid out $15,000 in "street money" - cash used for such things as get-out-the-vote efforts - apparently in violation of ELEC rules.

New Jersey Politicians Cannot use Political Campaign Funds to pay for their Criminal Defense.

More bad news for the New Jersey politicians arrested in the July 23, 2009 Federal investigation.  The New Jersey Supreme Court rejected a request from a former state legislator to use campaign funds to pay for his criminal defense.

Newspapers reported that former Senator Wayne Bryant (D-Camden), who was convicted in 2008 of federal bribery and wire fraud wanted to use some of his $640,000 campaign contributions to pay his legal fees.  The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission refused Bryant's request.  The New Jersey Court of Appeals upheld the Election Law Enforcement Commission.