Mason: Kleinman's letter was out of line

Mason: Kleinman's letter was out of line

Wednesday March 05, 2008  Jersey Journal

During the "new business" portion of tonight's council meeting, Councilwoman Beth Mason read a multi-page statement in response to a letter Corporation Counsel Steven Kleinman wrote to the Hoboken Reporter two weeks ago criticizing Mason.
Beth Mason, reading her letter.  At one point she suggested Kleinman resign or barring that, that the council should hire its own attorney.  Kleinman responded that the letter was "factually accurate" and that he wrote it on his own time.

That was followed by debate among council members regarding Mason's lawsuits, including an extended exchange between Councilman Ruben Ramos and Mason.

"What came out of those cases in the four unsuccessful suits?" Ramos asked."... How many times has the City of Hoboken satisfied OPRA requests?" "The first case had 30 counts to it," replied Mason.

Steven Kleinman, responding to Mason.Councilwoman Terry LaBruno said, "I've asked you publicly to drop the lawsuits (when you became councilwoman). ... I applaud what you've done, but there's a point at which you stifle progress when you become obsessed with that issue. ... Mr. Kleinman has the right to free speech."
"I hope you can get the documents in a timely fashion, but this is getting out of hand," said Councilman Michael Russo.

And Councilwoman Dawn Zimmer said, "I fully support Councilwoman Mason's goal, but just as the city has the right to defend themselves in a court of law they do have the right to defend themselves in the court of public opinion."

"I applaud Ms. Mason for going ahead with the lawsuits," said resident Jim Vance a few minutes later during the public portion of the meeting.


Beth Mason's Statement on Hoboken Corporation Council Steven Kleinman

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